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You’ve got your home life, and home friends...and home routine. But you have a chance to leave it behind when you travel with Topdeck. We’re devoted to making your travel dreams a reality. And after years in the group travel biz, we know what you want. You’ll meet a bunch of curious, like-minded travellers who are ready to delve deeper – minus the pesky logistics and hassle of ridin’ solo. And if you need local tips, our Trip Leaders are the experts. Trust us, if you go it alone, it sure as hell won’t be the same.  


  1. LOGISITICS? SORTED. Excel spreadsheets. Day-by-day planners. Booking confirmations. Activity reviews. Ferry timetables. Forget the faff – we’ll sort it all for you. Accommodation, experiences, transport... you get a bucketload of inclusions rolled into your trip. Meaning? No hassle, no number crunching, no going hungry. You’re safe with us.

  2. HIGHLIGHTS & HIDDEN GEMS. From coming face-to-face with the mighty Colosseum to watching the sunrise over the Taj Mahal – our trips are packed FULL of allllll your must-sees and non-negotiables. Plus, our team of experts are insiders on those off-the-beaten-track locations. Meaning? You’ll go deeper. Meet the locals. And uncover the new and exotic in a REAL way. Cos’ that’s what makes the memories.

  3. NO HIDDEN COSTS. Seem too good to be true? Not with us. From covering entry fees for included attractions, getting you from A to B with no extra cost, to our crystal-clear No Tipping Policy – there’s no hidden nasties. Meaning? You’ve got more $$$ to spend on the fun stuff. And when you’re budgeting for that optional skydive in Switzerland or scuba dive in Bali, we’ve provided expected costs for your peace of mind. Sweet!

  4. INLCUDED MEALS. Dining on a traditional Buddhist meal in Japan. Tucking into a piled-high plate of BBQ ribs in Texas. Twirling handmade carbonara around your fork in Florence. And devouring a spice-filled tagine in Morocco. With plenty of authentic local meals included throughout your trip – your fat pants will be put to the ultimate test. And the best part? You’ll never have to eat alone.  

  5. EXPERT GUIDES. Whether you’re after insider tips in a new destination; learning alllll the facts about a unique history; looking for some inspiration on how best to spend your free time; or need someone to take the reins when things don’t quite work out – our Trip Leaders are always on hand. No lies: we put our first, our last, our EVERYTHING into leading trips that’ll set your soul on fire.  

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WTF does that mean?

  1. FREE CHANGES: Change your mind as often as your underwear? We've added some extra flexibility for all new bookings until further notice. Make as many changes to your trip as you like (up to 40 days prior to departure) with NO amendment fees*.

  2. BOOK NOW, PAY LATER: Secure your booking with a deposit of $200. It’s that easy (and the best $200 you’ll ever spend).

  3. FLEXIBLE DEPOSIT**: We get it, sh*t happens. Cancel before your full payment’s due and we’ll hold onto your deposit so you can use it for another trip, another time.

  4. PAY IN INSTALMENTS: Don’t have the $$$ to pay all at once? We’ve been there. Pay your trip off in instalments that suit you.

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Meaningful group travel in Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia, Africa & the Americas – it’s time to find new, to experience more, to feel real. Find a group tour to suit your vibe and prep yourself for one incredible adventure.

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No Strings Attached Terms & Conditions.

*Temporary penalty waiver applies to all new bookings of up to 4 people. Customers can change their booking to a different departure date, trip or a new destination at no additional cost. The deferred booking must be made at the same time as the cancelled trip for the waiver to be applicable. The deferred booking will then be subject to the Terms and Conditions in place at that time. If the new departure or destination is more expensive, the difference in price will need to be paid. If the new trip is less expensive than the original, a travel credit (per person) will be issued for the difference. We reserve the right to remove this temporary penalty waiver at any time. All other booking conditions for cancellations without rebooking within 60 days of departure still apply.

** If you cancel more than 60 days prior to departure you may request in writing that we provide you with a rolling deposit voucher for a future trip. The voucher must be redeemed within two years from the date of first cancellation. The voucher can be transferred to a friend but cannot be transferred a second time. One voucher per person per trip. If you cancel within 60 days of departure you will forfeit your deposit and you will need to pay our applicable cancellation fee. The balance of your trip must be paid no later than 60 days prior to your trip departure date. If you do not pay within this period we may cancel your booking and your deposit will be forfeited. Full payment is required if you make a booking within 60 days of the departure date. If your booking is a special offer we may require full payment (including any pre and post accommodation and sundry service charges) by such earlier time as specified in the offer. 

For full terms and conditions see


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